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Javascript Question

JavaScript - checking for any lowercase letters in a string

Consider a JavaScript method that needs to check whether a given string is in all uppercase letters. The input strings are people's names.

The current algorithm is to check for any lowercase letters.

var check1 = "Jack Spratt";
var check2 = "BARBARA FOO-BAR";
var check3 = "JASON D'WIDGET";

var isUpper1 = HasLowercaseCharacters(check1);
var isUpper2 = HasLowercaseCharacters(check2);
var isUpper3 = HasLowercaseCharacters(check3);

function HasLowercaseCharacters(string input)
//pattern for finding whether any lowercase alpha characters exist
var allLowercase;

return allLowercase.test(input);

Is a regex the best way to go here?

What pattern would you use to determine whether a string has any lower case alpha characters?

Answer Source


function hasLowerCase(str) {
    return (/[a-z]/.test(str));
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