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WPF animation idea for flipping a page

I need an idea how to do the following animation idea. Lets assume I have a view model defined as such:

public interface IMyViewModel
IPage CurrentPage { get; set;}

public interface IPage
string Title { get; set; }
string Description { get; set; }

object is, plainly spoken, a piece of paper with the title and the description written on it. When the
object changes in my view model I want to have an animation as outlined below:
animation outline

The paper should spin 180°. At the stage when it spun 90° I need to update the shown content.

Is that possible with my view models? Are there any nice WPF tricks for that?

Answer Source

Kind of old but still somewhat cool: Avalon Patient Monitoring. You may want to look at Rotater3DTransition.xaml and Flipper3DTransition.xaml.

enter image description here

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