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What is better place for loading data from API- viewDidLoad, viewWillAppear or viewDidAppear?

I am making an IOS app where i am calling an API in viewDidLoad method of view controller. Now i want to reload the same view controller with the data that comes from server. How many ways are there to do this task and what would be the best way?? Please help me.


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viewDidLoad method is called first time when UIViewController is first loaded and when it pop and then you reenter in it at that time viewDidLoad is called. So if you want to load the API only once then viewDidLoad is the best place to call an API.

viewWillAppear called every time when you enter in that UIViewController and it is the place load the API when you want to get refreshed data (updated data).

viewDidAppear also called like viewWillAppear but bit late called than viewWillAppear so if you want to call the API every time than the best place is viewWillAppear method.

Because viewDidAppear method called late from viewWillAppear method and you are just requesting the API so the response of API may be late and If your UI change based on API response then it will stuck the application UI so there is a best place to call API either viewDidLoad & viewWillAppear methods.

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