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Disable a nicescroll scroll bar, which is coming by default

I am getting a nicescroll scroll bar ( red colour), by default, which is causing my html page to break when Zooming in.How to disable it.

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The key horizrailenabled value is globally set to true, in the _globalobjects object. You can set the value to false which will disable the Nicescroll functionality, leaving the native scroll in place.

This recommendation is directly from Nicescroll Issues Resolution


To disable the native scroll with quoted key add this line:


Though this is a solution, I would recommend viewing the Nicescroll code to determine what is causing issues with your mark-up. Often times, you can solve the issue by adjusting your code.

If you pull the nicescroll.js file into your editor, search/find HORIZ. This will most likely be where the conflict is occurring. My guess, the variable cursor css property position: absolute; is the culprit. Then you can adjust your styling and maintain functional integrity with the Nicescroll library.

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