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How to disable Gradle daemon in IntelliJ Idea?

I need to disable the Gradle daemon in IntelliJ Idea, because somehow Scala plugin is not working with the daemon (the compilation fails with

I have tried to edit my IntelliJ Gradle build configurations to include a JVM system parameter

enter image description here

Also I've tried to use
flag at the same place (Script parameters and VM options). Also I've tried to specify these options in the
Preferences -> Gradle
menu of IntelliJ. None of these attempts gave any result, the daemon continue to start, so I have to kill it before
for the second time.

enter image description here

Neither disabling daemon explicit in
according to doesn't have any effect.

How can I disable the Gradle daemon usage in IntelliJ Idea?

Answer Source

IntelliJ interacts with Gradle via the Gradle tooling API, which always uses the daemon. i.e. There is no way to turn it off.

What you could do (after filing a bug report) is not to use the IntelliJ Gradle integration but instead generate IntelliJ project files with gradle idea.

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