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C++ Question

How to convert a std::decimal::decimal128 to string in C++

I want to convert a

into a
in C++. I have tried this:

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
std::decimal::decimal128 check1(0.1654689875468);
string ee;

return 0;

but it gives an error. I have tried so many methods, yet no one works. Anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

I have solved the problem by creating the following function:

 std::string ToString(std::decimal::decimal128 dec)
    long double d(std::decimal::decimal128_to_double(dec));
    std::ostringstream oss;
    oss << std::scientific << std::setprecision(37) << d;
    return oss.str();

Later I can use it whenever I need it:

string name= ToString(std::decimal::decimal128_to_double(1.3246546787));

Thanks all for helping.

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