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Python Question

What is the right way to debug in iPython notebook?

As I know, %debug magic can do debug within one cell.

However, I have function calls across multiple cells.

For example,

In[1]: def fun1(a)
def fun2(b)
# I want to set a breakpoint for the following line #
return do_some_thing_about(b)

return fun2(a)

In[2]: import multiprocessing as mp
pool=mp.Pool(processes=2), 1.0)

What I tried:

  1. I tried to set %debug in the first line of cell-1. But it enter into debug mode immediately, even before executing cell-2.

  2. I tried to add %debug in the line right before the code "return do_some_thing_about(b)". But then the code run forever, never stopped.

What is the right way to set a break point within ipython notebook?

Answer Source

Use ipdb

Install it via

pip install ipdb


In[1]: def fun1(a):
   def fun2(a):
       import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace() # debugging starts here
       return do_some_thing_about(b)
   return fun2(a)
In[2]: fun1(1)

For executing line by line use n and for step into a function use s and to exit from debugging prompt use c.

For complete list of available commands:

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