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Javascript Question

Javascript code is not working in node?

I wrote a code to solve

keyword issues in
function. And tried to run it in node and it showed throw err; can't find module error. Then I tried to run it in a browser and it worked. I mean how to know when to test our code in nodejs and when not. Or how can I improve my code. This is my code

function person () {
var firstName ;
var _this_ = this;

return {
saveContext: function(context) {
_this_ = context;
setName: function(name) {
_this_.firstName = name;
getName: function() {

var employee1 = new person();


setTimeout(employee1.getName, 1000);

Answer Source

The "can't find module" error is thrown when:

  • You try running node on a non-existent file.

  • The file exists, but it's not in that directory.

  • You require a file which doesn't exist.

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