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Hack game ini file

Yesterday was trying to hack stats.ini file in Men of War 2 to add experience.

stats.ini have attribute [Stats] with lines like: experience_usa_v0.5 = FA000000FA

FA000000FA value means 250 experience. in 16-system FA = 250 in 10-system.

I was trying change this value by converting numbers like 1000 and 10000 in 16-system and saving in .ini file. But no one of my variants wasn't right.

Then, i rise next level in game and my experience changed to 5E0100005F = 350 in game.

Can someone help me to understand how i can enter some my value?

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It's not like anybody should be telling you that cheating is bad (insert Zoidberg meme here), but while working with these things you should understand the concept of higher and lower bytes.

FA000000FA is composed of 5 bytes: 2 first for score, 2 last for checksum and 1 in the middle I have no idea what's for

250 = FA. To be precise, 00 FA - this way when you swap bits you get FA 00

5E0100005F is 350 350=01 5E (when swapped it's 5E01)

It looks like control sum is sum of higher and lower bit (based on your data). In your case:

00 + FA = 00 FA

01 + 5E = 00 5F

This suggests that value for 1000 (in hex 03 E8 ) would be E8 03 00 00 EB

But that's just my guess.

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