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How may I override the compiler (gcc) flags that setup.py uses by default?

I understand that setup.py uses the same CFLAGS that were used to build python. I have a single C extension of ours that is segfaulting. I need to build it without

is optimizing out some values and code so that the core files are not sufficient to pin down the problem.

I just need to modify setup.py so that
is not used.

I've read distutils documentation, in particular
and see how to add flags and libs and includes, but not how to modify the default gcc flags.

Specifically, this is for a legacy product on Python 2.5.1 with a bunch of backports (Fedora 8, yes, I know...). No, I cannot change the OS or python version and I cannot, without great problems, recompile python. I just need to build a one off of the C extension for one customer whose environment is the only one segfaulting.

Answer Source
  • Prepend CFLAGS="-O0" before you run setup.py:

    % CFLAGS="-O0" python ./setup.py

    The -O0 will be appended to CFLAGS while compiling, therefore will override previous -O2 setting.

  • Another way is add -O0 to extra_compile_args in setup.py:

    moduleA = Extension('moduleA', .....,
            include_dirs = ['/usr/include', '/usr/local/include'], 
            extra_compile_args = ["-O0"], 
  • If you want to remove all default flags, use:

    % OPT="" python ./setup.py
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