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Is there a way to listen to the `onload` events of `src` attributes? (A-frame)

Is there a way to listen to the

events of
attributes? I can't use
because I'm using an
don't seem to work with
. And tried loading the images of
simultanously, but one image loads first and then the other, which means that the loading time is doubled.

What's the proper way of listening to the
attribute? So I can perform an action when the image in it has loaded?

(I want to avoid having an blank scene while the image on the
of the
is loading.)

Answer Source

I can't find a load event equivalent that works here, but <a-assets/> is supposed to work in this case. If the shorthand <a-sky/> doesn't work with assets, you can use the longer form:

    <img id="my-asset" src="https://..." crossorigin="anonymous">
  <a-entity geometry="primitive: sphere;
                      radius: 5000;"
            material="src: #asset-id;
                      side: back;">

Note: I don't know why crossorigin="anonymous" is necessary. It probably shouldn't be, but it is as of 08/07/16.

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