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Python Question

Specify which python version pylint should evaluate for

I'm using Sublime Text 3 With Pylinter to run

on my files.

However, on the same machine, I work on files for both python 2, and python 3 projects (the code is executed on one of several remote test-VMs, via SSH. I'm modifying the files by opening them over SMB. This is my home test-lab, and I'm finally sitting down to learn py3k).

Can I easily override the mechanism pylint uses to determine the python version it should lint for? Ideally, there would be an inline directive, but I have not had much luck finding anything.

I'm (editing) on Windows (the remote VMs are linux, but that' irrelevant here), for what it's worth.

Answer Source

AFAIK Pylint lints for the version of Python it is running on and it is not possible to override it.

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