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PHP Question

pass function with argument to method call

I'm trying to use flight PHP framework for routing and medoo framework for database usage.

//connect database
$database = new medoo([
'database_type' => 'sqlite',
'database_file' => 'db.sqlite'
//my function
function database($database){
$database->insert("ppl", [
"fn" => "joe","ln"=>"doe"]);

Flight::route('/add/', array(database($database)));

How to invoke my function with argument from this place:


Tried different variants but getting errors.

Answer Source

I don't know medoo or flight, but you might be able to use an anonymous function with use:

              function() use($database) {
                  $database->insert("ppl", ["fn"=>"joe","ln"=>"doe"])

I think you need to re-architect this into an OOP style that will make it much easier and modular, but in a crunch if $database is defined in the global scope:

function database() {
    $GLOBALS['database']->insert("ppl", ["fn"=>"joe","ln"=>"doe"]);

Flight::route('/add/', 'database');
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