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How to mix inheritance type in JPA

How to mix single table type inheritance with join table type in the same inheritance tree?
I'm not using hibernate just JPA.
I know there is no official support for mixed inheritance by reading the JPA spec.
I can't change the architecture. It did worked with hibernate but now I need to implement this using openjpa.
I'm looking for some workaround.

Answer Source

this is working for me:


@DiscriminatorColumn(name = "TYPE_DISCRIMINATOR")
public class A extends SomeClass implements SomeInteface {

@Column(name = "ID", nullable = false, precision = 0)
public Integer getPk() {
    return super.getPk();

Notice that "SomeClass" is not an entity.

Subclass - "JOIN" inheritance:

@SecondaryTable(name = "A_SECOND_TABLE", pkJoinColumns = @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn(name ="ID") )
public class B extends A implements SomeIntefaceB {

Create a new table "A_SECOND_TABLE" with join on super class Primary Key "ID". each field that is not in join column and appears in our table is marked like this:

@Column(table = "A_SECOND_TABLE", name = "STATUS", nullable = false, precision = 0)

Notice the table value.

Subclass – single table inheritance:

public class C extends A implements SomeIntefaceC {...

simple single table inheritance.

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