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Google anlytics - Custom dimensions not work for Android

I've upgraded Google Analytics Unity SDK from version 3 to 4. All of tracking events & screens are showing up but custom dimensions only works for iOS. While custom dimensions are working just fine for both Android and iOS in SDK version 3.

First, I declare public GoogleAnalytics variable and assign configurations:

public class GoogleAnalyticsAdaptor : MonoBehaviour
public GoogleAnalyticsV4 ga;

void Start()
ga = UnityRoot.Instance.gameObject.AddComponent<GoogleAnalyticsV4>();

ga.IOSTrackingCode = config.IOSTrackingCode;
ga.androidTrackingCode = config.androidTrackingCode;
ga.otherTrackingCode = config.otherTrackingCode;
ga.productName = config.productName;
ga.bundleIdentifier = config.bundleIdentifier;
ga.bundleVersion = config.bundleVersion;
ga.sendLaunchEvent = config.sendLaunchEvent;
ga.UncaughtExceptionReporting = config.reportUncaughtException;
ga.dispatchPeriod = 2;

Then a method is call by other class to fire Google Analytics event:

public void RecordEvent(AnalyticsEvent e)
var s = new EventHitBuilder();

// category + action + label + value

if(e.Label != null)

if(e.Campaign != null)

if (e.Value is int || e.Value is long)


int dimensionIndex;

if (customDimensionIndexLookup.TryGetValue(dimension.Key, out dimensionIndex))
s.SetCustomDimension(dimensionIndex, dimension.Value);


The same also applied to screen:

public void RecordScreen(AnalyticsScreen screen)
var appViewBuilder = new AppViewHitBuilder();

if (screen.Campaign != null)


int dimensionIndex;

if (customDimensionIndexLookup.TryGetValue(dimension.Key, out dimensionIndex))
appViewBuilder.SetCustomDimension(dimensionIndex, dimension.Value);


customDimensionIndexLookup.TryGetValue will return custom dimensions index according to the string, for example
. InfoDataCollection adds addition custom dimension to all event & screen:

private void InfoDataCollection<T>(T hitBuilder) where T : HitBuilder<T>
int dimensionIndex;
if (customDimensionIndexLookup.TryGetValue("UserId", out dimensionIndex) && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(AccountPortal.CurrentAccountID))
hitBuilder.SetCustomDimension(dimensionIndex, AccountPortal.CurrentAccountID);

Event and screen data are appearing in report except when I applied custom dimension to it with data segment of
Android traffic
iOS traffic
there are only data for iOS while Android traffic show 0 record.

And Both Android & iOS are using the same code.

What is the cause of this missing data? Any idea or advise is appreciated. Last resort I had in mind is to fallback to version 3, which was already deprecated.

Answer Source

I found an answer. It seems that Google Analytics SDK for Unity lack implementation in GoogleAnalyticsAndroidV4.cs methods.

To track custom dimension in event you have to modify the code to:

internal void LogEvent(EventHitBuilder builder) 
    AndroidJavaObject eventBuilder = new AndroidJavaObject("com.google.android.gms.analytics.HitBuilders$EventBuilder");
    eventBuilder.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setCategory", new object[] { builder.GetEventCategory() });
    eventBuilder.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setAction", new object[] { builder.GetEventAction() });
    eventBuilder.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setLabel", new object[] { builder.GetEventLabel() });
    eventBuilder.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setValue", new object[] { builder.GetEventValue() });

    foreach(KeyValuePair<int, string> i in builder.GetCustomDimensions())
        eventBuilder.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setCustomDimension", new object[] { i.Key, i.Value });

    foreach(KeyValuePair<int, string> i in builder.GetCustomMetrics())
        eventBuilder.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setCustomMetric", new object[] { i.Key, i.Value });

    object[] builtEvent = new object[] { eventBuilder.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("build") };
    tracker.Call("send", builtEvent);

The same also apply to screen as well.

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