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Using Sinatra with Let's Encrypt

I plan to write a web application using the Sinatra framework, and want to add HTTPS to it using Let's Encrypt.

, the recommended Let's Encrypt client, doesn't support Sinatra, and from Googling I can't find any others which appear to support it.

Are there any Let's Encrypt clients which support Sinatra, and if not, how can I fetch a certificate from Let's Encrypt and configure Sinatra to use it? The application will be running on Linux.

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Sinatra is merely the framework you use to build a web app on top of a web server. The only thing that matters when using a Let's Encrypt client is that you're using a support web server such as Apache or Nginx.

The documentation lists out these requirements:

You can use certbot regardless of the web framework you choose as long as you're running on a supported web server.

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