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C# Question

How to extend validation of a subitem of my viewmodel?

My model class

to add validation. My view is bound to a viewmodel with a property
of type
like that:


<TextBox Text="{Binding SelectedAnimal.Epc, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged,
ValidatesOnNotifyDataErrors=True}" />


public Animal SelectedAnimal
return _animal;
Set(() => Animal, ref _animal, value);

Error visualization works fine:

enter image description here


I want to add additional validation, of the field EPC that is done in my viewmodel not in the
class. So I want to add another validation rule (e.g. check if EPC is unique), that is visualized with the EPC TextBox.

How can I achieve this? Validation errors of that viewmodel rule should also be shown on the EPC TextBox.

I tried manipulating the list of validation errors of class Animal without success.

Additional info

validation based on class ValidatableModel

Answer Source

This is one way to solve your problem:

  • Wrap the property whose validation you want to extend in your viewmodel

    public string Epc
           return _epc;
           Animal.Epc = value;
           Set(() => Epc, ref _epc, value, false);
  • Add two custom validation rules to that property

    [CustomValidation(typeof(ViewModel), "AnimalEpcValidate")]
    [CustomValidation(typeof(ViewModel), "ExtendedEpcValidate")]
  • Add your extended validation code, that is not done by Animal itself, to ExtendedEpcValidate

  • Call the Animal.Epc validation and add the results to the Epc validation results in your viewmodel

    public static ValidationResult AnimalEpcValidate(object obj, ValidationContext context)
        var aevm = context.ObjectInstance as ViewModel;
        // get errors from Animal validation
        var animalErrors = aevm.Animal.GetErrors("Epc")?.Cast<string>();
        // add errors from Animal validation to your Epc validation results
        var error = animalErrors?.Aggregate(string.Empty, (current, animalError) => current + animalError);
        // return aggregated errors of Epc property
        return string.IsNullOrEmpty(error)
                   ? ValidationResult.Success
                   : new ValidationResult(error, new List<string> { "Epc" });
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