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iOS - How to check if a modal view is present

Is there a way to check if a modal view is present? I'd like to run a method only if a modal view is present. Also, if I have multiple modal views, is there a way to check if a certain modal view is present.

I use the following code to present and dismiss modal views:

[self presentModalViewController:myModalView animated:YES];
[self dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES];

Thank you in advance!


PS. My modal view has a view controller, but I'd like to check if the modal view is present from a separate class that is running asynchronously.

Answer Source

Are you checking the presence of a modal view controller from the parent view controller? If so, you can just check that view controller's modalViewController property:

BOOL modalPresent = (self.modalViewController);

If you want to check for a particular modal view controller, you can get the modal view controller's class name like this:

NSString *modalClassName = NSStringFromClass([self.modalViewController class]);
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