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Sending Rstudio view() content to different pane

Using Rstudio, I am attempting to display a dataFrame using the View() command. The command automatically sends the output to the 'Source' quadrant.

Is there any way to send it instead to either the "Workspace" quandrant or the "Files,Plots..." quadrant?
Here is my code:

qRows <- data.frame( RowQuery = character(0), "BackTest P&L" = character(0), stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
qRows[nrow(qRows) + 1, ] <- c("@sp500(vwpc) | rsi(30) | qcume", "12%")

Answer Source

to display a data frame in the "Files,Plots..." quadrant (Viewer) use the DT package:

if (!require("DT")) devtools::install_github("rstudio/DT")

all those commands will open it in a separate window:

  1. new window where you can edit data; whet it open you can't code in console and run the code from code editor; after closing window all info from table will be displayed into console
  1. like in point 1, but without displaying info into console after closing the window


  1. like in point 2, but you can't edit info into this window and you can use the console

R Package googleVis can send your table to browser:

if (!require("googleVis")) devtools::install_github("rstudio/googleVis")

knitr/RMarkdown can send your dataframe to html/pdf/doc/slides etc; you will create a beautiful table in console or markdown issued file with:

if (!require("knitr")) devtools::install_github("rstudio/knitr")
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