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Javascript Question

How to create jQuery array from c# variable from SQL SELECT query

when my page loads I run a SQL SELECT to get a c# variable

var row = db.QuerySingle(myquery, someID);
var positionTags = row.PosTag;

the result is in the form:


I'm try to get this to a jquery Array with elements separated by the commas with the following

var positionTagsJS = ['@positionTags'];

however positionTagsJS shows up as an array with just 1 element.


I also tried to create an array from my initial c# variable as follows:

Array positionTagsArray = positionTags.Split(',');
positionTags = new JavaScriptSerializer().Serialize(positionTagsArray);

This leaves me with something in the form:


and when I run it through my script

var positionTagsJS = ['@positionTags'];

I get...


So, what is the most efficient way to get a java script and/or jQuery array of the form


It probably doesn't matter but ultimately this array will be used to activate a jQuery UI selecatables widget.

Answer Source

I would do the second option, but assign the value like this:

var positionTagsJS = @Html.Raw(positionTags);
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