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C++ Question

Accessing static properties of a pointer type

I am trying to call a static method of a type in a tuple, but the tuple uses pointers, not the type itself. This means that when I use tuple_element I am getting a pointer type which I can not use to call the static method.

Does anyone know how to either convert a pointer type to its non-pointer equivalent, or access a static property of a pointer type?

struct Example
static int example()
return 0;

typedef Example* PointerType;

int main()
PointerType::example(); // Nope
(*PointerType)::example(); // Nope
(typename *PointerType)::example(); // Nope
(PointerType*)::example(); // Nope

Answer Source

You could use std::remove_pointer (since C++11) to get the type pointed to, e.g. (note std::remove_pointer_t is supported from C++14)

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