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Import template from separate html file in polymer 3

Instead of

return "HTML CONTENT";
I have a separate html file and I want to import it to my js file to return the content of it but
import template from '/m-chip.html";
does not work.


import {Element as PolymerElement} from '../node_modules/@polymer/polymer/polymer-element.js';
import template from '/m-chip.html';
export class Mchip extends PolymerElement{
static get template() {
return template;
constructor() {
customElements.define("m-chip" ,Mchip)




How can I achieve this without jquery and plain js?

Answer Source

Well importing html files is not something that javascript will understand at the moment. However you can build your project with webpack and add html-loader that specify how to treat your html import inside javascript.

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