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TypeError when indexing numpy array using numba

I need to sum up elements in a 1D

array (below:
) based on another array with information on class memberships (
). I use
in the code below to speed it up. However, If I dot not explicitly cast with
in the line
ret[int(find(labels, g))] += y
, I reveice an error message:

TypeError: unsupported array index type ?int64

Is there a better workaround that explicit casting?

import numpy as np
from numba import jit

labels = np.array([45, 85, 99, 89, 45, 86, 348, 764])
n = int(1e3)
data = np.random.random(n)
groups = np.random.choice(a=labels, size=n, replace=True)

def find(seq, value):
for ct, x in enumerate(seq):
if x == value:
return ct

def subsumNumba(data, groups, labels):
ret = np.zeros(len(labels))
for y, g in zip(data, groups):
# not working without casting with int()
ret[int(find(labels, g))] += y
return ret

Answer Source

The problem is that find can either return an int or None if it doesn't find anything, thus I think the ?int64 error. To avoid casting, you need to provide an int return value when find exits without finding the desired value and then handle it in the caller.