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AngularJS Question

Protractor clicking through an array of elements

I'm quite new to e2e testing and in using protractor / jasmine framework. I know how to get an array of elements and also how to click on an anchor. But how would / is it even possible to click through a list of anchors returned by a element selector / repeater?

I've been trying various ways, but as an example (latest one which hasn't been deleted lol) this is what I got:

element.all(by.repeater('link in links')).then(function(links) {
links.forEach(function(link) { {
console.log('callback for click ');


This appears to take the first element and click through, however come the next iteration it hangs (I can see why, but struggling to figure a way to resolve - is this some kind of promise & resolve factor i need to take into account?)

The error coming back is

Failed: stale element reference: element is not attached to the page document

Any guidance / link to help would be appreciated - googling hasn't returned anything of note to me so far...

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

Managed to figure a workaround, although this doesn't feel quite right. Anyway, if anyone has better suggestion feel free to post :)

element.all(by.repeater('link in links')).map(
    function(link, index) {
        return {
            index: index,
            href: link.getAttribute('href')
    .then(function(links) {
        for (var i = links.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
        // do some page specific stuff here.
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