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ASP.NET MVC 5 + Owin + SimpleInjector

A new mvc project using owin, webapi, mvc and DI (SimpleInjector) runs fine if I remove the DI lib from the project. However, once introduced, the app blows up when registering the OWIN components for DI. The OWIN startup configuration is being hit and runs without error, but when it comes time to register the dependencies (listed below) I receive the following error:

An exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb.dll but was not handled in user code

Additional information: No owin.Environment item was found in the context.

SimpleInjector Registration Code:

container.RegisterPerWebRequest<IUserStore<ApplicationUser>>(() => new UserStore<ApplicationUser>());
container.RegisterPerWebRequest<HttpContextBase>(() => new HttpContextWrapper(HttpContext.Current));
// app fails on call to line below...
container.RegisterPerWebRequest(() => container.GetInstance<HttpContextBase>().GetOwinContext());
container.RegisterPerWebRequest(() => container.GetInstance<IOwinContext>().Authentication);
container.RegisterPerWebRequest<DbContext, ApplicationDbContext>();

Update - Full Stack Trace

context) at
41 at lambda_method(Closure ) at
registration) at
registration) at
registration, Scope scope) at
scope) at lambda_method(Closure ) at

Answer Source

I think the exception is thrown when you call Verify(). Probably at that line, but only when the delegate is called.

Simple Injector allows making registrations in any order and will therefore not verify the existence and correctness of a registration’s dependencies. This verification is done the very first time an instance is requested, or can be triggered by calling .Verify() at the end of the registration process.

I suspect you're registrering the OwinContext only because you need it for getting the IAuthenticationManager.

The problem you face is that the OwinContext is only available when there is a HttpContext. This context is not available at the time the application is build in the composition root. What you need is a delegate which checks the stage of the application and returns a component that matches this stage. You could that by registering the IAuthenticationManager as:

container.RegisterPerWebRequest<IAuthenticationManager>(() => 
        ? new OwinContext(new Dictionary<string, object>()).Authentication 
        : HttpContext.Current.GetOwinContext().Authentication); 

The delegate will return the Owin controlled IAuthenticationManager when the code runs at 'normal runtime stage' and there is a HttpContext.

But when making an explicit call the Verify() (which is highly advisable to do!) at the end of registration process there is no HttpContext. Therefore we will create a new OwinContext during verifying the container and return the Authentication component from this newly created OwinContext. But only if the container is indeed verifying!

A full and detailed description can be read here as already mentioned in the comments.

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