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AngularJS Question

Service and Controller to call api with a value in the end of api

I have a service call that I want to pass a value into the function to call the http.get api by id:


My service looks like this:

.factory('Service', ['$http', function ($http) {
var urlBase = '/home/api/order/';
Service.getOrderbyorderid = function (orderid) {
return $http.get(urlBase + orderid)

What I have tried for my Controller is:

getOrderbyorderid ();
function getOrderbyorderid () {
$scope.orderid = $routeParams.orderid ;
console.log($scope.orderid); //Sees ID
Service.getOrderbyorderid ($scope.orderid )

.success(function (response) {
$scope.ordertest = []
$scope.ordertest = response.data;
console.log($scope.ordertest ); //Undefined


Can someone help me in calling the controller right so I can call the api with a specific orderid?

Error I am getting

I am getting an undefined when I


but I see the id when I


Answer Source

You should use .then rather than .success. From the angular docs:

The $http legacy promise methods success and error have been deprecated. Use the standard then method instead. If $httpProvider.useLegacyPromiseExtensions is set to false then these methods will throw $http/legacy error.

The .success method destructs the response object for .then:

// .success(function (data) {
   .then(function (response) {
     $scope.ordertest = response.data;
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