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persist java LocalDate in MySQL

I'm writing a java client application using: SE 8, MySQL 5.6 (Connector/J 5.1), JPA 2.1. when I try to persist an entity with an ID (int Auto-increment), date (LocalDate). it throw an Exception says:

Internal Exception: com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Incorrect date value: '\xAC\xED\x00\x05sr\x00\x0Djava.time.Ser\x95]\x84\xBA\x1B"H\xB2\x0C\x00\x00xpw\x07\x03\x00\x00\x07\xDF\x03\x06x' for column 'date' at row 1

does MySQL (I mean The Connector) do not support the new Date and Time API or What. if so What Can I do??

public class Run implements Serializable {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

private int id; //number of connections

private LocalDate date;

Answer Source

Registering the custom converter should help you solve your issue

@Converter(autoApply = true)
public class LocalDatePersistenceConverter implements
    AttributeConverter {
    public java.sql.Date convertToDatabaseColumn(LocalDate entityValue) {
        return java.sql.Date.valueOf(entityValue);

    public LocalDate convertToEntityAttribute(java.sql.Date databaseValue) {
        return databaseValue.toLocalDate();

more about converting the LocalDate info and some more about using the converters

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