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Using Git, show all commits that are in one branch, but not the other(s)

I have an old branch, which I would like to delete. However, before doing so, I want to check that all commits made to this branch were at some point merged into some other branch. Thus, I'd like to see all commits made to my current branch which have not been applied to any other branch [or, if this is not possible without some scripting, how does one see all commits in one branch which have not been applied to another given branch?].

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You probably just want

git branch --contains branch-to-delete

This will list all branches which contain the commits from "branch-to-delete". If it reports more than just "branch-to-delete", the branch has been merged.

Your alternatives are really just rev-list syntax things. e.g. git log one-branch..another-branch shows everything that one-branch needs to have everything another-branch has.

You may also be interested in git show-branch as a way to see what's where.

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