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Opacity update on all d3.svg.circles except for the class hovered

Completely stuck on this problem.
The goal is to be able to highlight certain data points on a scatterplot (based on cluster) when the user hovers onto that class of data. I have simplified the problem into the code below. Two clusters of data.

Here is my JS code:

var svg = d3.selectAll("body").append("svg").attr("width",500).attr("height",500);


Here is my CSS code:

svg:hover circle {
opacity: 0.5;
svg:hover #circle1:hover ~ #circle2 {
opacity: 1;
svg:hover #circle2:hover ~ #circle1 {
opacity: 1;

The first two CSS components work but hovering on circle2's does not change the opacity of circle1's.

Answer Source

First Problem: IDs are unique. Right now, you're repeating some IDs. Judging by your question's title, I changed them to class.

This is an easy method to change the opacity based on the class. First, you get the class of the hovered element:

var thisClass = d3.select(this).attr("class");

Then, you set the opacity according to the class. Here is a snippet:

var svg = d3.selectAll("body").append("svg").attr("width",500).attr("height",500);


d3.selectAll("circle").on("mouseover", function(){
  var thisClass = d3.select(this).attr("class");
  d3.selectAll("circle").attr("opacity", 0.5)
  d3.selectAll("." + thisClass).attr("opacity", 1)
}).on("mouseout", function(){
d3.selectAll("circle").attr("opacity", 1)
<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/d3/3.4.11/d3.min.js"></script>

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