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Regex in C, check if string contains specific characters

I want to have a regex that contains one and only one "-", followed by "s" or "h".
So, "-shshshshs" would match, "-ssssss" would too, but "-so" would not match, neither would "sh".

So far, I only succeeded to match "if strings contains "-" and "s" or "h", but typing "-sho" is accepted.

/* Compile regular expression */
reti = regcomp(&regex, "-[sh]", 0);
if (reti) {
fprintf(stderr, "Could not compile regex\n");

/* Execute regular expression */
reti = regexec(&regex, "--sh", 0, NULL, 0);
if (!reti) {
} else {
puts("No match");

Thanks in advance.

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If your regex engine supports it:



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