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Get Google+ shares without API key for each page?

On a search result page I would like to get the count of Google+ shares for the URL of each search result item via Ajax. I already managed to set up counting functions for Facebook and Twitter:

$.getJSON('' + url + '&callback=?', function(data){
tweets = data.count;

$.getJSON(''+ url+'&format=json', function(data){
fblikes = data[url].shares;

For Google+ I also already found a solution, but this requires the API Key for each URL. Is there any way to retrieve the Google+ count without such a key? Using it for tons of dynamically loaded search results, of course I cannot create an API key for each search result URL.

Answer Source

Yes, it's possible to get Google +1 counts. They are retrieved via a JSON-RPC POST call.


POST Body:


where %%URL%% is the desired URL.

Have a look at the following:

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