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Android Question

Is it possible to start app without starting test server?

I need to start app before running tests in order to initialize some folders in /data/data/appName/files/ and then I want to use adb command to push some files there.

If I use start_test_server_in_background, it will start tests also...

#I can't do this, bcs it will run my tests before I have data in there

#I tried something like this, I am not sure how it should be written

#Pushing files to created folders afterwards
system("#{default_device.adb_command} push /someFolder/someFiles /data/data/appName/files")

Answer Source

I was able to start app like this:

pn = package_name(ENV['APP_PATH'])
cmd = "#{default_device.adb_command} shell monkey -p \"#{pn}\" -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1"
result = `#{cmd}`

But in the end it was not the problem I got, so my question was misleading

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