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Android gradle build time exponential increase

My Gradle build time is usually around 12 seconds, but after around 10 - 20 builds it starts to increase at once, exponentially: 30 seconds, 50 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. up to out of memory.

Healthy build:

:app:compileDev21DebugJavaWithJavac 4.783s
:app:transformClassesWithRealmTransformerForDev21Debug 3.011s
:app:transformClassesWithDexForDev21Debug 2.133s
:app:compileRetrolambdaDev21Debug 1.325s
:app:packageDev21Debug 0.997s
:app:processDev21DebugResources 0.703s

After 10 - 20 of those, it starts increasing:

:app:transformClassesWithDexForDev21Debug 39.172s
:app:compileDev21DebugJavaWithJavac 34.221s
:app:packageDev21Debug 9.922s
:app:transformClassesWithRealmTransformerForDev21Debug 8.353s
:app:compileRetrolambdaDev21Debug 3.120s
:app:fabricGenerateResourcesDev21Debug 1.376s

As you can see, every task increases in time.

I use Android Studio 2.2.2, but I had the problem since the last 3 versions or so. Gradle 2.14.1. Probably it’s related to our project. I use Mac, my colleague on Windows has the same on the same project. If I stop AS, kill Java and start AS again, that solves it for a while.

I am not using the Jack compiler (yet).

To be clear: my build time is NOT generally slow: 13 seconds is fine. This is not a duplicate of all the "slow build time" questions. Only after 10 - 20 builds the build time increases exponentially with every build.

Update: Make Gradle build "offline" didn't help. Using "" (distributionUrl in also did not help.

Anyone had this problem and knows a solution?

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It is fixed since the day that I removed Fabric (CrashLytics) and replaced it with FireBase Crashes. Fabric was most probably causing it, but I'm not 100% sure.

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