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Javascript Question

Get the full path of all files of some types from a html file and put them into an array using js/jQuery

I need to get the paths from something like this:



On the other hand, the files can be anywhere inside the html file.

I tried some possibilities, but without success.

Any clue?

Thanks a lot!

I need to get some file names with the proper address and put them into an array:


..and so on

I'm very close to solve it using regexp, I did:

var str = document.getElementById("content").innerHTML;

var res = str.match(/=http.*?.flv/gi);

In this case, I get the excerpt, but I get the whole thing around it.

I need this:


But I getting this

'more https stuff from other url ...https://this/otherthing/thing.srt even more text...'

uniques url's, not a giant string with the first http ending with the first .srt. I need a valid path.

Answer Source

Since .* grabs as many matching characters as it can, you need to be more specific about what can and can't be in the middle.


var res = str.match(/https?:\/\/\S+\.flv/gi);

where \S grabs as many non-whitespace characters as it can.

To exclude certain characters, use [^...]:

var res = str.match(/https?:\/\/[^\s;]+\.flv/gi);

Alternatively, just make your .* lazy instead of greedy with a well-placed ?:

var res = str.match(/http.*?\.flv/gi);
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