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Swift Question

Swift JSONSerialization.jsonObject Error

I've looked around but I don't find an answer to fix this error that has been bugging me. I tried adding a "as! NSMutableArray" but that gave me another error. Any ideas on how to fix it? I converted my project from Objective-C to Swift, so hopefully the code is all good I had 20+ errors now I'm down to 3 errors. Thank you.

Error Message:

'jsonObject' produces 'Any', not the expected contextual result type 'NSMutableArray'

code error picture

Code for retrieving data from server

// Retrieving Data from Server
func retrieveData() {

let getDataURL = "http://ip/"
let url: NSURL = NSURL(string: getDataURL)!

do {

let data: NSData = try NSData(contentsOf: url as URL)
jsonArray = JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: data, options: nil)
catch {
print("Error: (data: contentsOf: url)")

// Setting up dataArray
var dataArray: NSMutableArray = []

// Looping through jsonArray
for i in 0..<jsonArray.count {

// Create Data Object

let dID: String = (jsonArray[i] as AnyObject).object(forKey: "id") as! String
let dName: String = (jsonArray[i] as AnyObject).object(forKey: "dataName") as! String
let dStatus1: String = (jsonArray[i] as AnyObject).object(forKey: "dataStatus1") as! String
let dStatus2: String = (jsonArray[i] as AnyObject).object(forKey: "dataStatus2") as! String
let dURL: String = (jsonArray[i] as AnyObject).object(forKey: "dataURL") as! String

// Add Data Objects to Data Array
dataArray.add(Data(dataName: dName, andDataStatus1: dStatus1, andDataStatus2: dStatus2, andDataURL: dURL, andDataID: dID))


Answer Source

The jsonObject function will return a value of type Any but the jsonArray's type of NSMutableArray. And this function will throw an error if something is wrong, put a try keyword before it. In my experience, let change the type of jsonArray to array of dictionary, so you will extract data with ease.

    do {
        let data: Data = try Data(contentsOf: url as URL)
        let jsonArray: [[String: AnyObject]] = try JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: data, options: .mutableContainers) as! [[String: AnyObject]]
        print("json: \(jsonArray)")

        for dict in jsonArray {
            let dataName = dict["dataName"] as! String
            print("dataName: \(dataName)")
    catch {
        print("Error: (data: contentsOf: url)")
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