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Using tuples in SQL "IN" clause

I have a table containing the fields group_id and group_type and I want to query the table for all the records having any tuple (group id, group type) from a list of tuples. For example, I want to be able to do something like:

FROM mytable
WHERE (group_id, group_type) IN (("1234-567", 2), ("4321-765", 3), ("1111-222", 5))

A very similar question is already asked at: using tuples in sql in clause , but the solution proposed there presumes the tuple list is to be fetched from another table. This doesn't work in my case is the tuple values are hard coded.

One solution is to use string concatenation:

FROM mytable
WHERE group_id + STR(group_type, 1) IN ("1234-5672", "4321-7653", "1111-2225")

But the problem is that the table is quite big and doing a string concatenation and conversion for each record would be very expensive.

Any suggestion?

Answer Source

Why not construct the OR statements?

FROM mytable 
WHERE (group_id = '1234-567' and group_type = 2)
    OR (group_id = '4321-765' and group_type = 3)
    OR (group_id = '1111-222' and group_type = 5)

Granted, it doesn't look as nice and neat as your concept example but it will do the job (and if you IN with tuples did exist, it would implement it exactly the same way under the covers most likely.

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