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Google/Analytics.h file not found when adding to AppDelegate

I am trying to integrate Google Analytics in my ios project using Cocoapods. However, after following this for the steps till adding configuration file to my project, when importing the Google/Analytics.h in AppDelegate I get error for file not found. Tried following things:

  1. Added
    to User Header Search Paths in Build Settings.

  2. Added
    to link binary with libraries in build phases.

  3. Added
    in Other Linker Flags.

Don't really want to do 2 and 3 as they make it free from Cocoapods.

What exactly am I missing?

Answer Source


  1. The code examples on the official documentation suggest installing 1.0.0. Which doesn't even have binaries compiled for arm64.
  2. There seem to be at least three separate pods related to GA. GoogleAnalytics-iOS-SDK, GoogleAnalytics, Google/Analytics.


Add this to your Podfile: pod 'Google/Analytics' and then pod install.

That should work. Now you can simply import Google/Analytics.h as suggested in the docs:

#import <Google/Analytics.h>

Further Discussion

There were two sets of issues that I ran into:

  1. When using the incorrect suggested pod version (1.0.0), was a 64-bit compatibility issue. (ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64)

  2. When using the other pods (GoogleAnalytics-iOS-SDK and GoogleAnalytics) I had complaints of a missing <Google/Analytics.h> header file. ("Google/Analytics.h" not found)

I found this gentleman's post on a mailing list which suggested the Google/Analytics pod with no version number. (pod 'Google/Analytics' as noted above.)

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