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Connot extract NotoSansCJKsc-Regular font error in adobe reader?

I am able to display the Chinese,japanses and all other Asian langauages in IE,Chrome but when I open the PDF
In abode reader it throws me following error...



Here is my sample code...

Font asianFont = FontFactory.getFont("path\NotoSansCJKsc-Regular.otf", BaseFont.IDENTITY_H , BaseFont.EMBEDDED,8);

Please help on this.

Answer Source

I am an employee at iText that recently saw this issue (in a different font) come up as a subsection of a larger issue.

If you are using iText 5: Upgrade to the most recent version of 5.5.12.

If you are using iText 7: The fix will be in our next release- 7.0.5. There are currently SNAPSHOT builds available that contain this fix.

You can update your pom.xml to use the 7.0.5 snapshot version if you use Maven:

   <!-- Required for the access to the iText SNAPSHOT dependency -->
            <name>iText Repository - snapshots</name>
    <!-- Dependency for the SNAPSHOT build -->

Or you can download the snapshot jars directly from our artifact server:

7.0.5 is currently planned to be officially released later next month (October '17)

I just tried both the versions above with the NotoSansCJKsc-Regular font, and was able to produce a document without error.

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