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Javascript Question

How to invoke an error from server response (JSON) in Dropzone JS?

I have an uploader which rejects users' upload when they exceed their quota. The response is in JSON and it is as follow:

{msg: "Upload limit reached", status: "error", code: "403"}

The Dropzone JS options is as follow:

Dropzone.options.uploadDropzone = {
paramName: "file1",
maxFilesize: 200,
maxThumbnailFilesize: 10,
success: function(file, response){

What should I do with the response in
to show an error to my users in the uploader?

Answer Source

okay the following would work, just extract from the source:

success: function(file, response){
  if(response.code == 501){ // succeeded
    return file.previewElement.classList.add("dz-success"); // from source
  }else if (response.code == 403){  //  error
    // below is from the source code too
    var node, _i, _len, _ref, _results;
    var message = response.msg // modify it to your error message
    _ref = file.previewElement.querySelectorAll("[data-dz-errormessage]");
    _results = [];
    for (_i = 0, _len = _ref.length; _i < _len; _i++) {
      node = _ref[_i];
      _results.push(node.textContent = message);
    return _results;
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