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Check existence of attribute in Angular Directive

Is is possible to check whether a given attribute is present in a directive, ideally using isolate scope or in a worst case scenario the attributes object.

With a directive that looked something like this

<project status></project>
, I want to conditionally render a status icon, but only if the status attribute is present.

return {
restrict: 'AE',
scope: {
status: '@'
link: function(scope, element, attrs) {
scope.status === 'undefined'

Ideally, it would be bound straight to the scope, so that it could be used in the template. However, the bound variable's value is undefined. The same goes for
read-only and
two-way bindings.

I know that it's trivially solved by adding a
<project status='true'></project>
, but for directives that I will use frequently, I'd rather not have to. (XHTML validity, is not an issue).

Answer Source

The way to do this is to check for the existence of the attributes within the link function's attrs parameter, and assign this to variables within your directive's isolate scope.

link: function(scope, element, attrs){
  scope.status = 'status' in attrs;

This should work without having to use an if statement within your link function.

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