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Python Question

Check if certain operators are being used in a function

I want to prohibit certain operators being used in a function, for example, say I want to make sure the

power operator is not being used in the following function:

def pow(x, y):
return x ** y

I have used
to get the source and checked if
is in the source but that will wrongly cause an assert error if there happens to be
in the source elsewhere so how to actually check the code for the existence of a particular operator?

Answer Source

I'd personally go for Ashwini's answer if you have 3.4 at hand, however, if you need to be a bit more compatible and don't mind parsing the source, then you can make use of ast, eg:

import inspect
import ast

def pow(x, y):
    return x ** y

nodes = ast.walk(ast.parse(inspect.getsource(pow)))
has_power = any(isinstance(node, ast.Pow) for node in nodes)
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