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Git Question

git merge-base didn't change after a rebase

3 weeks ago, a coworker fixed a problem in prod by commiting to the master without commiting to dev first (and then merging dev on master).

Well Im not sure what happened exactly but there is a problem since that date.

> git merge-base dev master

when I
git log
for aaabbb, it dates back to Sept 16th. So I wanted to rebase (first time in my life, though I use git merge daily).

I did

> git rebase --onto master dev
// fixed a few conflicts
> git pull
> git push
> git merge-base dev master

Why is my rebase not working ? I didn't get any warning from git. Thanks!

Answer Source

rebase ended up in a catastrophe. I have finally end up deleting my dev branch and cutting a fresh one from master.

And this just happened again. What worked well was to merge master into dev and merging dev into master again.

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