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JSON Question

Why is angularJS not binding data?

Here I'm fetching maxim salary from Employee table.The JSON realize data properly but why angular not binding data

app.controller('AdminCntrl', function ($scope, AdminServices) {
$scope.BtnSubmit = function () {
var Bust = AdminServices.Getmax();

Bust.then(function (d) {
$scope.Emp =;



app.service('AdminServices', function ($http) {

this.Getmax = function () {
var ss = $http({
url: '/Department/Max',
method: 'Get',
content:{'content-type' : 'application/Json'}
return ss;


public JsonResult Max()
var xxx = db.Employees.OrderByDescending(ww => ww.Salary).First();
return new JsonResult { Data = xxx, JsonRequestBehavior = JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet };


<div ng-controller="AdminCntrl">
<input type="button" class="btn btn-primary btn-sm" value="Min" ng-click="BtnSubmit()" />

<div ng-repeat="Accessor in Emp">
<span style="color:red">{{Accessor.Name}}</span>

Fiddler Catch Data


Answer Source

Is the value of $scope.Empequal to your Fiddler Data?

It appears you're not returning an array which is what ng-repeat is expecting. I'd bet if your Fiddler data was represented as an array:


you'd see it bind.

Alternatively, if you're really not expecting an array then if you replace

<div ng-repeat="Accessor in Emp">
     <span style="color:red">{{Accessor.Name}}</span>


       <span style="color:red">{{Emp.Name}}</span>

You'd have some success

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