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Android Question

How to keep the spaces at the end and/or at the beginning of a String?

I have to concatenate these two strings from my resource/value files:

<string name="Toast_Memory_GameWon_part1">you found ALL PAIRS ! on </string>
<string name="Toast_Memory_GameWon_part2"> flips !</string>

I do it this way :

String message_all_pairs_found = getString(R.string.Toast_Memory_GameWon_part1)+total_flips+getString(R.string.Toast_Memory_GameWon_part2);

Toast.makeText(this, message_all_pairs_found, 1000).show();

But the spaces at the end of the first string and at the beginning of the second string
have disappeared (when the Toast is shown) ...

What should I do ?

I guess the answer is somewhere here :

or is it something like using & for the "&" caracter ??

Answer Source

Even if you use string formatting sometimes you still need white spaces at the beginning or the end. On these cases neither escaping with \ nor xml:space attribute helps. You must use html entity &#160; for a whitespace.
Use &#160; for Non-breakable whitespace
Use &#032; for regular space.

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