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JSON Question

Read Json data from text file C#

I have a text file with below format data

"SponsorID": 1,
"FirstBAID": 7395836
"SponsorID": 2,
"FirstBAID": 3509279,
"SecondBAID": 2947210
"SponsorID": 3,
"FirstBAID": 1776294,
"SecondBAID": 6503843
"SponsorID": 4,
"FirstBAID": 8014528,
"SecondBAID": 6203155
"SponsorID": 5,
"FirstBAID": 5968769,
"SecondBAID": 7410195,

I want to read this data as a List & then i need to query by SponsorID.
I have created a class like this

public class SponsorInfo
public decimal SponsorID { get; set; }
public decimal FirstBAID { get; set; }
public decimal SecondBAID { get; set; }
public decimal ThirdBAID { get; set; }

Now how can i read text file data & bind SponsorInfo class ?

Answer Source

Install Newtonsoft.Json nuget package from NuGet package manager console:

PM> Install-Package Newtonsoft.Json


var jsonText = File.ReadAllText("filepath");
var sponsors = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<IList<SponsorInfo>>(jsonText);

To query on SponsorID you can use LINQ:

var sponsor5 = sponsors.FirstOrDefault(x => x.SponsorID == 5);

If you often need a lookup by SponsorID, you could convert the result to a dictionary where the key is the SponsorID. This will improve performance as it doesn't need to enumerate through the entire list for each lookup. I also suggest you change the type of SponsorID to an int instead of a decimal.

var sponsorsById = sponsors.ToDictionary(x => x.SponsorID);

Then you can easily access it like:

if (sponsorsById.ContainsKey(5))
    var sponsor5 = sponsorsById[5];
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