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How to maintain position of a QDialog on hide/show

I have a QDialog where I have a checkable button witch opens/close (hide/show) another window (the window is also a QDialog).

My problem is I wish to maintain the position of the second QDialog when I hide and after open it (Example: I move the QDialog in a corner of the screen and when I hide and then show it the QDialog needs to be in the same corner).

At this moment it seems to be restored at the initial position. I found a similar article about it at similar but in my case I have two separate windows and I can move the second QDialog over the screen. Did anyone meet with this problem?

Answer Source

AFAIK this works without any code: position isn't changed when showing/hiding a widget.

Anyway, you can store the position of your QDialog through its geometry:

// save geometry

QRect geometry = my_dialog->geometry();

// restore geometry


Note that the geometry is relative to the parent: I assume here your QDialog is modeless.

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