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iOS Question

Easiest way to send push notifications programatically, device to device or device to groups

I haven't been able to find any proper information about this..
What I need, is a provider/host for

push notifications
, the easiest possible way there is.

I've tried different:
Amazon's SNS, OneSignal, Firebase etc.,
the one that got me the closest, was
, but it's really complicated, and their documentation is really really poor! So if anyone of you, know about an easy and simple provider of
push notifications
, with a SDK with proper documentation, i would love to hear about it :-)

What I need specifically, is the ability to send notifications from user, to server, to user - and from user, to server, to multiple users in a group, that has to be created programmatically as well.. Is this possible, without hosting a server myself?

I'm using
, programming an iOS app by the way, but any help is appreciated!

Answer Source

So, I found out, that Firebase wasn't as complicated as I first thought.. So I ended up using that - also it was the easiest to use, when I figured out how it works. So if anyone looking for push notifications for their app, I would recommend Firebase :-) And whats up with the downvotes?.. Please let me know why this question isn't good enough for Stackoverflow..

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