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If I knew what was going on here, I wouldn't ask. Error given is: InvalidKeySpecException: Password is not ASCII

Ok, so basically, if I am in the console (Intellij) and I type FileScramble.getRandomPW, I get an ASCII password. But if I run the command in the code, I don't. Instead, I get "org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionInitializationException: InvalidKeySpecException: Password is not ASCII."

Here is a screen shot of what I mean.

The fact that I've been up and down that block of code so many times leads me to believe that I'm missing something fundamental in the scala language. The try-catch of the getRandomPW block is never triggered. And, like I said, if I call it from the console, I get only ASCII.

The program is just going to scramble the contents of a file before deletion. It's by no means secure -- it's an exercise. It's me getting familiar with 1) scala, 2) encryption, and 3) sbt.

So here is the relevant code:

import java.io.{BufferedOutputStream, File, FileOutputStream, InputStream}
import java.nio.ByteBuffer
import java.security.SecureRandom
import org.jasypt.util.binary.BasicBinaryEncryptor

object FileScramble {
val base64chars = ('a' to 'z').union('A' to 'Z').union(0 to 9).union(List('/', '+'))

def byteArrayToBase64(x: java.nio.ByteBuffer) : String = {
// convert to string and filter out anything but base64chars
val nowString = new String(x.array.takeWhile(_ != 0), "UTF-8")

def writeBytes( data : Stream[Byte], file : File ) = {
val target = new BufferedOutputStream( new FileOutputStream(file) );
try data.foreach( target.write(_) ) finally target.close;

def getRandomPW : String = {
try {
var output : String = ""

while (output.length() < 10) {
// val r = scala.util.Random
val r = SecureRandom.getInstance("SHA1PRNG")
var bytePW : Array[Byte] = new Array[Byte](1000)

// get 1000 random bytes into a ByteBuffer
val preString = ByteBuffer.allocate(1000).put(bytePW)

// get a random base 64 password at least 10 chars long
output = byteArrayToBase64(preString)
catch {
case e : Exception => e.getMessage()

def main( args: Array[String] ): Unit = {
val fileHandle = new java.io.File(args(0))

// https://github.com/liufengyun/scala-bug
val source = scala.io.Source.fromFile(fileHandle, "ISO-8859-1")
// source = new MyInputStream(dataStream)
val byteArray = source.map(_.toByte).toArray
// val byteStream = source.map(_.toByte).toStream


var binaryEncryptor = new BasicBinaryEncryptor();
val pw = getRandomPW
println("BEGIN: " + pw + ":END")
val encryptedOut = binaryEncryptor.encrypt(byteArray).toStream
writeBytes(encryptedOut, fileHandle)

Honestly, I've been up and down the block for a few hours and have not come up with any ideas as to what could be happening. It's by far the biggest head-scratcher I've had recently, to the point that I've asked SO a question for the first time in several years.

Your help is appreciated! I thank you in advance, whether you can help or not.

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You have only one small, elusive mistake - when you're trying to add the numeric characters 0 - 9, you should add union('0' to '9'), instead of union(0 to 9) - otherwise you're adding non-ASCII characters (unicode values 0 - 9...) and thus getting the (justifiable) exception.