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Android Question

What is Firebase for unit testing

Background Information

  • I am going through the documentation of firebase. I have built a
    simple app for user
    deleting the user
    etc which uses firebase in backend.

  • I read where we can use Firebase for unit testing the application,
    where there are huge collections of real devices in google, where
    they will deploy the ap's in each device and get us back the log
    reports, snapshots of each device

My Questions::

  • Is this(Unit testing) open source or not -
    Any Documentation to
    support the answer

  • Is this for apps developed using firebase in backend or can we use
    this for other applications that don't have firebase as backend -
    Any Documentation to support the answer

  • Any other information regarding firebase unit testing

Answer Source

What you are referring to is "Firebase Test Lab" and it can be used to test Android apps on emulation or real devices. It works with existing apps as well as ones which have been setup to work with Espresso and Robotium.

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