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Multiple ng-app directives on a page

I want to be able to use multiple ng-app="{angular.module}" directives on one page. I want to do this to make the bits of my app more modular. I figure, if I can create angular modules and plug several of them into one document, I could take those modules and plug them into other projects easily.

I have seen people say that you can only use one ng-app directive on your page... is this true? Is it most accurate to say, "one ng-app directive per view"?

I hope this is not the case, or if it is the case that there is still a best way to achieve a high degree of abstract modularity.

Here are my modules/apps and their controllers...

var searchModj = angular.module('searchModule', []);

var controllers = {};

controllers.SearchList = function ($scope){

$scope.coworkers = [
{name: 'Joe Bob', city: 'Ukrainia'},
{name: 'Adam Blobnovski', city: 'Logan' },
{name: 'Carlos Sanchez', city: 'Deerbushle'},
{name: 'Martin Kellerweller', city: 'Uptown'},
{name: 'John Doe', city: 'New York City'}


var fruitModj = angular.module('fruiter', []);

controllers.SomeFruit = function ($scope) {

$scope.fruits = ['apple', 'banana', 'pear'];



Ok, now here is the relevant part of my markup...

<div ng-app="searchModule">

<div ng-controller="SearchList">

<input type="text" ng-model="name" />
<li ng-repeat="coworker in coworkers | filter:name">{{ coworker.name }} - {{ coworker.city }}</li>

<p>You are searching for <em>{{ name }}</em></p>



<div ng-app="fruiter">
<div ng-controller="SomeFruit">

<li ng-repeat="fruit in fruits">{{ fruits }}</li>



I think because it comes first in the document, my "searchModule" app works and the second app does not. When I comment out the first app, the second works. So it looks like I'm confirming my most unfortunate suspicions. Regardless... if this is the case, then what is the best approach I can bear in mind to make the functionality on my projects as modular as possible?

Answer Source

you only want one ng-app on a page, but you can insert your other modules as dependencies of the main ng-app module.

var app=angular.module('myNgAppName', ['searchModule']);

This will expose any directives , controllers etc you have in your 'searchModule'

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